BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram and Insta Story Update, January 9, 2020

BLACKPINK UPDATE – January 9, 2020 KST.

Here is the summary of BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram Photo, Video and Insta story update on her Instagram, roses_are_rosie, on January 9, 2020 KST.

BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram Post, January 9, 2020 KST

Rosé: It breaks my heart to see this. Australia is on fire and it has been for too long now. I am heartbroken for the people and homes suffering from the fires and the millions of innocent and beautiful wildlife creatures that are injured and dying right now. Australia is a place that I grew up in and I am so sad to see this happen to such a beautiful country. I will try my best to support and to my fans, please visit any of these links to see if you can help:
@nswrfs @redcrossau @salvosau @vinniesnsw @wireswildliferescue
Every page should have a link in the bio that leads you to a website so you can help. We can make a difference if we all join in. Please help to save my home country 😔

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