BLACKPINK Rosé: Finally I Bought Camera, I’ll Be Taking Lots of Beautiful Pictures! 😎

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 22, 2018.

Blackpink Rosé shared her happiness after buying new camera by sharing cute photos of her, kissing Lisa’s giant Cony plush doll (Line App Character). She wrote a caption:

I finally (bought) my camera.. 🙀😆
I was trying to test it out, so me and Jisoo unnie played with it after our university festival hehe
Everyone please look forward (to the pictures) since I’ll be taking lots of beautiful pictures! 😎
Hwaiting today and have a nice day BLINK! 💗


She then replied to many Blinks’ comments. To see all of Blackpink Rosé photos, and replies to fans’ comments, go check Blackpink Vlive CH+ Channel (paid subscribers only). This paid channel makes it possible for us to interact with Blackpink members, it’s worth to subscribe.

We are sorry, we dont share CH+ content, so we make this post to notice you that Blackpink is also active on Vlive Ch+ channel.

We just give preview post using the picture above and add some description to attract people curiosity and promote BLACKPINK CH+ channel.

If you are curious about Lisa’s giant Cony doll, here are some screenshots from Blackpink House Episode 1;

Credit English Translation of Blackpink Rosé caption by 💛✨BLACK&PINK✨💛

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  1. What camera does she use?

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