[FACTS] 7 Interesting Facts of BLACKPINK Rosé in W Korea Interview


Here are some interesting facts BLINKs should know from BLACKPINK Rosé Interview and Photoshoot with W Korea August 2020 Issue:

1). Rosé x W Korea x OMEGA

BLACKPINK Rosé starred in W Korea Magazine August 2020 Issue in collaboration with OMEGA, a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

2). Rosé Interview Video with W Korea August Issue

W Korea released interview video with Rosé on July 31, 2020

3). Rosé Recent Memorable Moments

Rosé mentioned her recent memorable moment after “How You Like That” comeback, “Um… For me, after we finished filming our M/V, we did a V Live with all the members, and the M/V came out just when the livestream ended. So we watched the M/V together with Blinks. All four of us! That was the recent, most memorable moment for me.”

4). Rosé Favourite Time of The Day

Rosé favourite time of the day is when she finish her day, go back home and feel satisfied with all the hard work she has done. “I feel the happiest when I finish my day, and go back home, while feeling satisfied with all the hard work I’ve done on that day. “

5). Rosé 3 Unforgettable Things in Life

Rosé mentioned 3 unforgettable things in her life that made Rosé who she is now. “It was when… I got admitted in the company as a trainee. I flew all the way to Korea with my mom and dad. and met my members for the first time. That was the most memorable moment. Also… Our debut day! The day we debuted, I got reminded of all the memories from my trainee days… We already say this a lot but the time when we performed in Coachella, was also really memorable. “

6). Rosé Wants To Enjoy Amusement Park Where Nobody Recognizes Her

When being asked about a day’s freedom, Rosé answered, “For me, I like amusement parks very much. I want to play in an amusement park where nobody can recognize me.”

7). Rosé Most Memorable Moment with Blinks

Rosé said, “It’s not just one particular memory. During our concert, we get to communicate with our fans, and we get to play with them. Those are my most memorable moments with Blinks. ”

She continued, “I want to keep on making good memories with them, and I wish that we all, be happy and healthy.”

For more photos check here: [UPDATE] BLACKPINK Rosé For OMEGA and W Korea Magazine August Issue.

You can watch the full interview here on W Korea YouTube Channel:

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