Rosé Comes to Support Hyeri at ‘My Punch-Drunk Boxer’ Movie Premier

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 30, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Rosé attended My Punch-Drunk Boxer movie premier at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall, Seoul to support her best friend Hyeri’s new movie. Rosé also expressed her feeling after watching the movie premier.

Hyeri’s My Punch-Drunk Boxer movie premier at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall

” almost teared while watching 😭
Thank you so much for inviting me 🖤@hyeri_0609
My punch-drunk boxer, fighting! ”
– English Translation by @_parkchaengs

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Previously, on August 15, 2019, BLACKPINK Rosé sent coffee truck to Hyeri who was filming new tvN Drama “Miss Lee”. Hyeri posted Instagram photos with coffee truck sent by Rosé at her filming set.

hyeri_0609 우리 채영이 덕분에 힘이 펄펄 💛전~혀 모르고 있었는데 증말 감동ㅠㅠㅠ 덕분에 1도 안더워 🥰

Thanks to our chaeyoung-ie, i’m full of strength 💛I really didn’t know about it so I’m really touchedㅠㅠㅠ thanks to you, it wasn’t hot at all 🥰
– English Translation by @_parkchaengs

Message on the board:
“Its hard filming during such a hot day right? Have strength for a little bit. Today hyeri unnie is buying coffee!”

Message on the banner, English Translation by @_parkchaengs

“staff members have strength while drinking an iced coffee. Hyeri unnie hwaiting! – from chaeng”

Seemingly, Rosé and Hyeri started their friendship when Rosé and Jisoo appeared on Hyeri variety show, “Amazing Saturday (DoReMi Market)”. This variety show featured market from South Korea and within it there are 3 types of food selected as its representatives. The cast and guest(s), as contestants, have to play games and win to be able to enjoy the food. There will be a dressing theme concept for the cast and guest(s) to follow for filming of each episode.

Watch Jisoo and Rosé appearance on Amazing Saturday with English Subtitle by BeulpingSub

*Note: We only embedded this file

From the variety show above, we can see how Rosé and Hyeri are connected to each other, they had good moment together. Rosé made Hyeri laughed so hard.

After that they continue to have food-date from time to time. Rosé usually tags Hyeri on Instagram.

The last time they hang out together was in early August 2019, Rosé posted Instagram photos tagging Hyeri on August 1, 2019.

Woah their friendship grows really well, they are so cute 😍

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