BLACKPINK Ranks 2nd For Kpop Group with The Most YouTube Views in The World

BLACKPINK UPDATE – October 12, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK ranks 2nd for kpop group with the most YouTube views in the world based on data from Blip research as it has been reported by and Kpop-Radar.

Blip, a private research organization that analyzes K-pop fandom, released on Aug. 21 the “2019 Global K-pop Map” based on YouTube clip data on 76 Korean idol acts between July 1 last year and June 30 this year. The bigger the circle, the more popular K-pop is in the relevant region.

The overall number of views such videos garnered worldwide over the cited period was 26.55 billion, with 89.1% of the views coming from abroad.

The K-pop acts with the highest viewership on YouTube based on Blip research:

1). BTS (20.9%),
2). BLACKPINK (17.3%),
3). Twice (7.7%),
4). Momoland (4.4%)
5). Exo (4%).

*The videos of these five groups accounted for 54.3% of all views of K-pop videos on YouTube.

The popularity of each K-pop act differed depending on continent. BTS had the most views in the U.S. with 30.6% and Europe with 27.9%, while BLACKPINK had the highest viewership in Asia with 19%.

The countries with the highest viewership were Indonesia (2.62 billion views, 9.9%), Thailand (2.15 billion, 8.1%), Vietnam (1.96 billion, 7.4%) and the U.S. (1.95 billion, 7.4%), showing the high popularity of K-pop in Southeast Asia.

The city with the highest viewership of K-pop YouTube clips was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the average person viewing the clips 393.2 times. Second was Bangkok, Thailand, with 115.1, beating out Seoul (91.1), followed by Jakarta, Indonesia, (73.2) and Singapore (34.2).

“We thought that a new criterion should measure the scale and changes of K-pop fandom, and used the multiplatform YouTube to analyze K-pop-related data,” a Blip source said.

BLACKPINK got this achievement just with several music videos, BLINKs imagine if we have more…

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  6. i like bp coz is pretty and talented

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