BLACKPINK Prepares Ice Cream as Apology for Lotte Family Incident

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 23, 2018.

BLACKPINK is about to perform on MBC Music Core today. They prepare ice cream for fans as apology for the incident at Lotte Family Concert yesterday, on June 22, 2018 where they cant give full performance after staff came to the stage to interrupt their performance and ask them to leave the stage.

You can read more about the incident here: Lotte Family Apologizes After Interrupting BLACKPINK Performance

BLACKPINK was sorry about the incident yesterday at Lotte Family Concert and they prepared Ice Cream for the fans and said that they will work harder today

Many Blinks posted the ice cream they got at MBC Music Core:


Here is the link for live streaming BLACKPINK performance today on Music Core

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