BLACKPINK Prepared Special Gifts for BLINKs at Music Core Prerecording

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 6, 2019.

BLACKPINK prepared special gifts for BLINKs who came to MBC Show! Music Core prerecording on April 6, 2019. BLACKPINK also gave out face masks 😷 to Blinks to protect them against Korea’s fine dust problem, and wrote “Kill This Dust” on it.

  1. BLACKPINK Food truck banner, “To the Blinks who came to support today, a treat of gratitude from Jenchulichaeng”
  2. Jennie Hera banner, “Today, a Hera gift from Jennie. Jennie’s special BLACK (foundation) for Blinks”
  3. BLACKPINK face mask with ‘Kill This Dust’ letter

    English translation by @black2dpink824

MBC Show! Music Core pre-recording gifts

• Waffles
• Rice and Meat
• HERA Lipsticks
• HERA foundation
• Banner
• Signed HERA x Jennie photocards
• Stickers
• Face mask

Live streaming link for BLACKPINK on MBC Music Core

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  1. Hahaha lol Kill this dust love it

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