BLACKPINK Performs at Korea University Festival, IPSELENTI 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 25, 2018.

Watch Blackpink performance at Korea University Festival, Ipselenti 2018 today.

Korea University is one of the nation’s oldest and most prominent institutions of higher education. It is one the most prestigious university in Korea, along with other SKY universities (“SKY”, which stands for Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University, the top three most prestigious schools in Korea).

Both Yonsei University and Korea University have the most prestigious and most famous University Festival in the country. People need to purchase the ticket to be able to attend the stage performance, unlike other university festivals that are mostly free. Besides, they never announce the lineup in advance, even the ticket doesnt reveal much, that’s why we dont publish this schedule too. They usually announce few hours before the actual performance. Blackpink Jennie confirmed it on vlive CH+, “See you at Korea University” few hours before they performed.


Blackpink performed at Yonsei University Festival called Akaraka on May 20, 2017. And this year, Blackpink performed at Korea University Festival.

Korea University Festival is called IPSELENTI. According to Korea University wikipedia page, “Ipselenti” is part of Korea University’s slogan that is used since Bosung College (the name of the campus when it was founded). Many people also call it as Ipsilenti, but it’s actually Ipselenti. We can see it clearly through the stage banner above.

Here are fancam videos, credit to its owner

Blackpink Full Performance at Korea University Festival

Blackpink Whistle

Blackpink Boombayah

Blackpink As If It’s Your Last

Blackpink Stay

Blackpink Playing with Fire

Credit photos: @bam_bam_bam3@tjbood
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