BLACKPINK Lisa Playfully and Cutely Kisses Rosé During Live Video

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 18, 2018.

After performing at Chung-Ang University Festival, Blackpink Rosé and Lisa did video live on Vlive CH+. They played with Lisa’s cat Leo and said they missed Blinks so much so they did video live.

And out of nowhere, Lisa suddenly, cutely and playfully kissed Rosé. They are so cute.

If you have watched Blackpink House you know that Rosé and Lisa are well known for their close and bittersweet friendship. They are like adorable twin.

Here we give you a preview for their sweet moments:

Rosé: what are we eating today

Lisa: [suddenly out of no where kiss Rosé]

Rosé: 😱

Lisa: the comments said so

Rosé Still shocked and Lisa wanted to kiss her again

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We post this preview video to attract people curiosity and promote BLACKPINK CH+ channel.

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