Congrats Lisa! Blackpink Lisa X Nonagon First Fan Greeting Event 2018

Congrats Lisa for your first fansign/fan greeting event with Nonagon. Blackpink Lisa just did her first solo fansign event with Nonagon on Tuesday February 27, 2018 at Nonagon Pop-up store, 4F, Galleria West Department Store, Seoul. Blackpink Lisa looks completely pretty and classy in black outfit. See the photos!

Blackpink Lisa x Nonagon Fan Greeting Event was held at Galleria Department store. Galleria Department Store is well known as the most popular luxury-brand fashion mall in Seoul. Located in the wealthy district of Apgujeong-dong, the Galleria Department Store plays a leading role in today’s fashion industry, as it offers a wide variety of high-class brands.

krunk_official Instagram updated photos with Blackpink Lisa

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Blackpink Lisa looked completely flawless wearing head-to-toe black outfit, Checkerboard Coach Jacket and Metallic Knit Pullover both are from Nonagon. She polished her perfect look with black skinny pants and black heel ankle boots. She topped her look with long earring that made her looked even more swag and sexy at the same time. See Blackpink Lisa gorgeous look below!

Fan-taken photos of Blackpink Lisa x Nonagon fansign event (Cr. On Its Logo)

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Previously, Blackpink Lisa just launched her first collaboration collection with Nonagon. The collection, “Brightest Star in The Night Sky” is inspired by her favorite fashion items and colors. All items were already sold out! Congrats Lisa, we are so proud of you, you did great, awesome!

Blackpink Lisa Nonagon Collaboration


Blackpink Lisa x Nonagon Collection Second Pre-Order

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, Nonagon posted new update that they open second pre-order for Blackpink Lisa x Nonagon collaboration collection but for selected items only (hoodie and lace).

You can shop Blackpink Lisa Fashion collection here:


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