BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram and Insta Story Update, September 22, 2019

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 22, 2019 KST.

Here is the summary of BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram Photo, Video and Insta story update on her Instagram, lalalalisa_m, on September 22, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram Story, September 22, 2019

Lisa posted new video of her cat, Lily

BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram Post, September 22, 2019

Blinks! Thank you very much for coming to our First fan meeting! Yesterday we made such wonderful memories together.
ขอบคุณแฟนๆที่มาจากต่างประเทศด้วยนะคะ มาให้กำลังใจถึงที่เลย แค่เห็นทุกคนมา ก็ชื่นใจแล้วค่ะ มีกำลังใจเต็มเปี่ยม!💘
블링크! 이렇게 소중한 시간들 같이 보낼수있어서 너무 좋았어요! 변하지 않고 늘 저희 곁에 있어줘서 고마워요! 알죠?? 저희는 블링크가 없으면 안되는 존재라는거~~~ ?ㅎㅎ Love you BLINKS!

우리 또 봐요🖤

Thai Part:

“thank you to every international fan who came from overseas to here. just by seeing you all came made me feel encouraged. i gained full strength!”
– English Translation by @senorlisa

Korean Part:

BLINK! I really love it that we got to spend such a precious time with each other! Thank you for always being by our side without changing! You know right?? BLINK are an existence that we can’t live without~~~? hehe Love you BLINKS

Let’s meet again 🖤
– English Translation by @poopheyy

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