Cats Reunion: Lisa Brings Lily to Visit Her Twin Brother, Mingus

BLACKPINK UPDATE – October 28, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa just had cats reunion between her cat Lily, Mingus (Lily’s twin brother), and Lily’s mom, Jennie the cat. Lisa and jennie_nyanya posted the update on Instagram.

Lily and Mingus:

Lily with her mom, Jennie the cat:

Seems like they forgot each other 😂

Lisa plays with Mingus:

For those who didnt know yet, Luca and Jennie the cat (jennie_nyanya) have two children, Lily and Mingus.

Lisa posted little Lily and Mingus for the first time on Instagram Story, July 29, 2019 KST.

Lisa officially introduced Lily to the public on VLIVE with Rosé in August 2019:

Lily’s pictures:

Mingus Pictures: you can see more on Jennie the cat Instagram @jennie_nyanya

Soon Lisa will introduce her 4th cat named Louis, lets wait for more cat pics!

Leo and Louis
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