[UPDATE] Sour Candy, BLACKPINK x LADY GAGA Collaboration Song


Confirmed, Lady Gaga posted the release date of her new album, Chromatica. The album features a song with BLACKPINK titled “Sour Candy” and will be released on May 29. Rumour also points out that Lady Gaga was set to perform with BLACKPINK at Coachella this year but was later canceled due to Covid-19.

EXCLUSIVE: YG Entertainment just released another statement related to BLACKPINK comeback and full album in 2020: BLACKPINK Comeback June, Full Album in September 2020

BLACKPINK x Lady Gaga “Sour Candy”May 29, 2020
BLACKPINK Pre-release TitleJune 2020
BLACKPINK Second Single July – August 2020
BLACKPINK First Full Album (>10 Tracks)September 2020

1). Lady Gaga Confirmed Chromatica Tracklist Including Sour Candy with BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga confirmed Chromatica tracklist by posting it on her official Twitter. The album will feature collaboration song with BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande and Elton John.

2). YG Entertainment Confirmed BLACKPINK Collaboration with Lady Gaga

YG Entertainment confirmed BLACKPINK collaboration song with Lady Gaga via Naver news. YG Entertainment stated that BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga usually listen to each other’s music and became fans, and the latest collaboration was arranged naturally.

3). Lady Gaga Releases Eyeshadow Palette with Sour Candy Shade

Lady Gaga released STUPID LOVE EYESHADOW PALETTE with Sour Candy shade. The palette has 18 shades of full-intensity pigment inspired by Lady Gaga’s sixth album Chromatica. The palette will be available on May 19, check it here: https://www.hauslabs.com/products/stupid-love-eyeshadow-palette

4). The Release Date of Lady Gaga Chromatica: May 29

Lady Gaga Chromatica release date will be on May 29. Lady Gaga officially reveal the release date of Chromatica on May 6.

Previously, according to Amazon, the album is expected to be released by December 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, fans spotted on Chalkys music store website, Lady Gaga Chromatica will be released on May 22, 2020. Sadly, Chalkys already removed the date.

The Chromatica album was originally set to be released on April 10, but Lady Gaga put it off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5). Previously, Chromatica Tracklist was Leaked on Target

On Wednesday, fans spotted Lady Gaga Chromatica cover including the tracklist on Target Official Website. After the tracklist was spreading, Target changed Lady Gaga cover with temporary art.

6). Where To Buy Lady Gaga Chromatica Album?

You can buy Lady Gaga Chromatica Album on Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon and Target.

7). Rumour Says Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK was Set To Perform at This Year Coachella

8). Jennie Gave Hint about BLACKPINK x Lady Gaga Sour Candy Song

Back on February 3, 2020, Jennie posted Instagram photos using candy emoji and write caption about Cotton Candy in Korean. Pay attention for Jennie caption for next comeback BLINK 🤣

9). Previous News about BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga Collab

Previously, on March 4, 2020 KST

YG Entertainment responded to rumor saying BLACKPINK will make collaboration with Lady Gaga in her new album Chromatica. BLACKPINK is rumored to be featured in Lady Gaga new song, Castles & Mountains.

Based on OSEN News article, YG Ent. doesnt deny the rumor but asks to wait for the official announcement instead.

“In response to this, YG Entertainment carefully shared their stance to OSEN “We’re working on a lot of things. It’s information that is still hard to confirm at the moment, so we would appreciate it if you wait for the official announcement.”


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