BLACKPINK Jisoo Weekly News Update, 20-26 November 2017

Blinkeu! Make sure you catch up for this week updates from Instyle Korea Magazine photoshoot, Blackpink spotted filming Blackpink TV, Blackpink house teaser, Blackpink Jisoo new hair cut, Rousing welcome from Thai Blinks for Blackpink, Blackpinkk spotted shopping while filming Blackpink TV and more. Read all those updates here!

Nov. 20, 2017 ~ InStyle Korea Magazine, Blackpink Jisoo on NAVER, & F9Issue_Official Instagram Update

Glad that most Blinks were still awake at that time, since around midnight, Instyle Korea Magazine official website just posted Blackpink Jisoo photoshoot for its magazine december 2017 issue.

No wonder, all blinks socmeds are suddenly alive, full of sparkle, everyone freaked out and screamed their excitement. Why? Because this time, Blackpink Jisoo got her solo photoshoot with so stunning result.

The magazine use natural concept and yeah, Blackpink Jisoo slayed it again!


Later on, F9 Issue Official Instagram updated eight Blackpink Jisoo photos from Instyle Korea photoshoot. Add three more photos since Instyle korea only posted 5 photos. You can check its instagram to see all the pics.
























































Blackpink Jisoo was featured in Naver, Soompi, Allkpop, and’s article related to her recent photoshoot with InStyle Korea.








































































































































































































GQ Japan offical Instagram also posted Blackpink photos














































Nov. 22, 2017 ~ Blackpink was spotted filming BP TV

Blackpink is spotted in Bigbang Seungri’s ramen restaurant in Seoul. It is the first day for Blackpink Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa filming Blackpink TV. We can see here that Lisa is holding a camera. And please blinks, look at Lisa’s hair omo omo omo… She debuts new hair color 😱 😱 😱 😱

Aaaaaakk Blinks! We are so excited seeing these pics!












































Nov. 23, 2017, BLACKPINK Official released BLACKPINK House Teaser

Blinks, we spotted BLACKPINK filming BLACKPINK TV yesterday dan now all BLACKPINK Official accounts are posting new teaser of BLACKPINK House. Ahhh we are so excited! BLACKPINK TV is real and it is coming closer! Aaakkk Let’s scream together Blinks!














































































Nov. 25, 2017 ~ Ezra Miller got autographed CD from Blackpink, and Blackpink Jisoo Debuts New Hair Cut

































Blackpink was spotted in Incheon International Airport on Saturday afternoon. They were heading to Thailand. This time, all eyes are on Blackpink Jisoo. She has new compelling element, new haircut with the ultimate power move bangs. This is a major change, we never see her hairstyle with bangs since debut. She looks so cute yet mature at the same time. So lovely 😍

















































































































Nov. 26, 2017 ~ Blackpink arrived in Thailand and got rousing welcome from Thai Blinks, BLACKPINK reached 1M followers on spotify and Blackpink was spotted shopping while filming Blackpink TV

On early morning of Nov. 26, 2017, Blackpink safely arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand and got rousing welcome from Thai Blinks. They sound so excited! 😱










































































































Congrats for Blackpink who reached 1M followers on spotify. Go go go! Blackpink In Your Area!








Blackpink was spotted shopping in Thailand while filming Blackpink TV. Blackpink Jisoo in white dress looks so pretty 😍












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