Blackpink Jisoo Weekly News Update, 13-19 November 2017

Blinkeu, this week we got so many updates. Make sure you catch up all of them from GQ Japan Video, S Cawaii Magazine, Justice League, SBS Inkigayo and many more

Nov. 14, 2017 ~ GQ Japan Video, Blackpink Jisoo Official Instagram, and S Cawaii Magazine Updates



































Blinks, we got 3 updates on this day. After GQ Japan Magazine released a new video about the girls, Blackpink Jisoo posted new photos update on Blackpink Official Instagram.

































Blackpink Jisoo uploaded 4 photos, wearing Pink Embellished Wool Sweater, Feather Embellished Silk Skirt and Embellished clip-on hoop earrings from Miu Miu. She mentioned Chaeng Chipmunk or Blackpink Rose as her photographer.

She looks so naturally pretty here, successfully takes our breathe away *Ahhh Blinks, Please help! Unfortunately, only 2 out of 4 photos have good and sharp focus to Blackpink Jisoo. Yaaa Park Chaeyoung! You need to be responsible for these wkwkwkwkw XD

These photos are likely taken during Blackpink photo shoot with Numéro TOKYO Magazine. Numéro TOKYO Magazine YouTube Channel published the video on Sep 28, 2017.

Next, S Cawaii Magazine published photos and interview with Blackpink on its official website. Yass, finally we see Chaennie moment blinkeu! XD




















































































Nov. 15, 2017 ~ Blackpink Official Instagram & AIIYL Justice League Movie Update

























Blackpink official instagram uploaded a new photo showing Blackpink X Nike ‘AF1’ collaboration. We can see that Blackpink Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa are wearing Nike Sport wear for its ‘The Force Is Female” campaign.
























Have you seen Justice League movie? That’s right, Blackpink AIIYL song is featured in the Movie during Barry Allen (The Flash) – Bruce Wayne (Batman) scene. When Barry Allen got home and turned on the electricity, the song directly played and I bet you guys will freak out, so excited! Am I right?

If I am not mistaken, the song is played for its first ~1 minutes, during Jennie, Jisoo, Rose lines and a bit of its chorus. The song is played quite loud, even the real conversation between Batman – the flash got distracted.

We got an update that Warner Brothers company contacted YG Entertainment right after Blackpink released the song. Yeah! Ezra Miller is a blink. Wohooo! Blackpink In Your Area!

Nov. 16, 2017 ~ Blackpink etc Gaon Download Chart 2017 Sales Update




















Nov. 18, 2017 ~ MTV News Talks About Blackpink in Justice League Movie, Blackpink Jisoo 1M Likes on Instagram & Brand Reputation Index for Blackpink



















Oke, we will take those important parts from the article, so you guys can read it here. Ezra Miller, we love you! Welcome to the blink world kkkk

At one point in the movie, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) invites himself into the scarlet speedster’s graffitied Central City warehouse to recruit him for the new team he’s putting together to save the world from a CGI death god (sure). Of course while all of this is happening, the music video for Blackpink‘s “As If It’s Your Last” can be seen playing on one of Barry’s many monitors. (Rick and Morty flashes on another one of Barry’s screens, further demonstrating his excellent taste.)

That’s right: While Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen are having a Very Important Conversation™ about saving the world, K-pop stars Blackpink are serving vocals and fire choreography in the background. Barry Allen is a Blink. It’s confirmed.

Earlier this month, Miller confessed his love for the K-pop girl group during a London live stream with his Justice League cast mates. “I like that song,” he said. “It’s kind of got a reggaeton vibe. And they do those cool dance moves… They’ve got a rap track on it. It’s a good song. I like it a lot.” (He then proceeded to dance along to the hook because Ezra Miller is too pure for this horrible world.)

It’s unclear how Blackpink ended up in the film, but it’s certainly a huge win for the group. Formed by YG Entertainment, the four twenty-somethings of Blackpink — Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa — made their debut in 2016 and have been crushing it on the charts ever since. They’ve had three singles debut at No. 1 on Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart to become the leading female K-pop act. More impressively, “As If It’s Your Last” debuted at No. 13 on Billboard‘s Bubbling Under Hot 100, which charts the songs just below the coveted Hot 100. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for an act that’s never been stateside, but they also bested the current kings of K-pop, BTS, whose single bowed at No. 15.

Maybe a little Justice League promotion is just what the ladies of Blackpink need to crack the U.S. charts. They’re ready for their moment.


Next, Blackpink Jisoo pictures, finally got 1M likes for the first time. Yuhuuu! Even though it’s quite slow but yeah, slow but sure, we can reach it. Thank you blinks, lets celebrate this happiness together!






























Blackpink Jisoo’s slaying it again!

Nov. 19, 2017 ~ Blackpink Jisoo on SBS’ Inkigayo together with NCT’s Doyoung, Wanna One’s Daniel & Seongwoo

Blinkeu! Today is Chuunday, as usual we are always waiting for Blackpink Jisoo’s performance on SBS Inkigayo music trend. Today The special MCs are Wanna One’s Daniel and Seongwoo.

GOT7 Jinyoung can’t join Blackpink Jisoo and NCT’s Doyoung as today MC, seems like he is still busy right? Hopefully, next Chuunday we will see Jinjido again, aaah cant wait to see their cuteness on stage!

Here are some videos taken by Blink for today Inkigayo





































As usual, we wait for Blackpink Jisoo car photos leaving SBS’s Inkigayo. Here you go!


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