BLACKPINK Jisoo: The Making of Dumpling-Jen’s Photos

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 26, 2018.

Blackpink Jisoo posted a photo showing behind the scenes of Blackpink Jennie’s Instagram photos. Earlier this day, Blackpink Jennie shared 10 new photos on Blackpink official Instagram taken by Blackpink Lisa with her new camera. Here are some of Blackpink Jennie’s instagram photos.

And on vlive CH+, Blackpink Jisoo shared a photo of her holding Lisa’s camera and acted like she was showing and checking the photo she just took to Lisa. She wrote a caption, “the making of Dumpling Jen’s photos” it’s dumpling-jen’s work of art.

In the comment section, a Blink asked whether she took the Jen’s pics but then she answered, “Lisa took them, I just pretended to take hehe.”


We are sorry, we cant shared any CH+ content outside, so we make this post to notice you that Blackpink is also active on Vlive Ch+ channel.

To see Blackpink Jisoo photos, caption and replies to fans’ comments, go check Blackpink Vlive CH+ Channel (paid subscribers only). This paid channel makes it possible for us to interact with Blackpink members, it’s worth to subscribe.

Credit English translation of Blackpink Jisoo caption: mochi jen; Blackpink Jisoo’s reply: jenjisoos
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