Blackpink Jisoo is Blink Spamming Jennie Vlive with “Human Dumpling”

Spam Chu is back again. During Blackpink Lisa birthday on March 27, 2018, Blackpink OT4: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa did video live. Blackpink Jennie did solo video live first and that time, Blackpink Jisoo became Blink spamming Jennie vlive with comments ‘human dumpling’

Blackpink Jisoo revealed that she was spamming Blackpink Jennie vlive when she did video live with Blackpink Rose, not long after Blackpink Jennie vlive ended.

Jisoo: Jennie did V LIVE by herself briefly earlier. So I left some comments
Rose: I missed out on it.
Jisoo: When she went solo. It was a regular V LIVE. She was flooded with comments. People wrote, “You look like a dumpling”. She said, “Don’t call me a dumpling”. I kept writing, “Dumpling” and I got banned from commenting. I couldn’t leave a comment.
Rose: You can be banned if you leave a lot?
Jisoo: I copy-pasted the same thing to stand out. I wrote, “Human dumpling”. I was proud of coming up with a new nickname.
Rose: Human dumpling!
Jisoo: Human dumpling! Human dumpling Deuk!
Rose: Human dumpling Deuk?
Jisoo: I was so psyched up. Nobody saw the new nickname I came up with.

Anyway Blackpink Jisoo is us. Whenever Blackpink did vlive or post update on Ch+ blinks try to post comments as many as they can to make their comments stand out and get reply. Chu now you know how we feel 😂

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