Blackpink Jisoo is A Goddess Nature for Today Instagram Photos Update

Blinkeu, Nyeongan!

Today, Blackpink fed us so well right? After GQ Japan Magazine released a new video about the girls, now Blackpink Jisoo posted new photos update on Blackpink Official Instagram. What a beautiful day, huh?

She just uploaded 4 photos with the same outfits but with different angles and poses. In the caption, She mentioned Chaeng Chipmunk hahaha or Blackpink Rose as her photographer.

She looks so naturally pretty here, successfully takes our breathe away *Ahhh Please help!

Usually, Jisoo posts her 4D moments showing her overload cuteness that kills us perfectly. But lately, She shows her feminine side more, make us love her to the fullest. Jisoo yaa saranghae!

Honestly, I like these photos because her pink outfits make her stands out from the background, mostly green. Unfortunately, only 2 out of 4 photos have good and sharp focus to Blackpink Jisoo. Yaaa Park Chaeyoung! You need to be responsible for these wkwkwkwkw XD

Meanwhile, On CH+, Blinks, go to your Vlive account now!

Blackpink Jisoo shared a similar photo set but she looks blurry. She said, Chaeng (who took the pic) focused the camera to the background instead of her. Hahahaha Jisoo ya! Maybe, Chaeng loves the nature behind you more than she loves you kkkkk XD

These photos are likely taken during Blackpink photo shoot with Numéro TOKYO Magazine. Numéro TOKYO Magazine YouTube Channel published the video on Sep 28, 2017.

We can see here Chaeng and Jisoo were spotted in the park (outdoor set) photo shoot. As always, Blackpink Jisoo tries to make us laugh hahaha


Jisoo ya,…

Thank you so much for your updates today!

Have a nice day Blinkeu! Ppoong!


Blackpink Jisoo Fashion Style for Numéro TOKYO Magazine

Blackpink Jisoo is wearing Pink Embellished Wool Sweater, Feather Embellished Silk Skirt and Embellished clip-on hoop earrings from Miu Miu.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.25.43 PM

1). Miu Miu, Pink Embellished Wool Sweater


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Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.29.11 PM

2). Miu Miu, Feather-embellished silk skirt


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Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.58.54 PM

3). Miu Miu, Embellished clip-on hoop earrings


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