BLACKPINK Jisoo Instagram and Insta Story Update, August 21, 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 21, 2018.

Here is the summary of BLACKPINK Jisoo Instagram photo, video and Insta story update on her personal Instagram, sooyaaa__, on August 21, 2018.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Instagram Story, August 21, 2018:

Jisoo: Unnie’s the best

Irene Kim’s letter to Jisoo:

Jis👀 Thank you for loving IRENEISGOOD LABEL >_< This comeback was really pretty!! KEEP SMILING with YOUR beautiful SMILE AND HEART ♡ I'll always support you guys!! xoxo, IRENE

English translation by @poopheyy

BLACKPINK Jisoo Instagram Story 21 August 2018 sooyaaa

BLACKPINK Jisoo Instagram Post, August 21, 2018:


이번 후쿠오카 콘서트에서는 첫날에는 회색 드레스, 둘째 날에는 파란 드레스를 입었어요 ☺️
알고 있던 블링크는 손✋🏻
사진은 파란 드레스의 사쿠라 츄 🌸💙

“For the Fukuoka concert, I wore a gray dress for the first day, and a blue dress for the second day ☺️ BLINKs who knew it, hands up✋🏻 The picture is of Sakura Chyu wearing a blue dress 🌸💙”

English translation by @black2dpink824

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