Blackpink Jisoo: Good Weather Today, Blinks What Are You Guys Doing?

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 11, 2018.

Blackpink Jisoo shared new update on Blackpink Vlive CH+ Channel. She said she has no pictures to upload but then she found out some. She posted 1 photo of Dalgom’s cute paw, and 2 photos of her in front of tangerine farm. She also asked what Blinks were doing today and replied many Blinks’ comments.


We are sorry, we cant shared any CH+ content outside, so we make this post to notice you that Blackpink is also active on Vlive Ch+ channel.

To see Blackpink Jisoo photos, caption and replies to fans’ comments, go check Blackpink Vlive CH+ Channel (paid subscribers only). This paid channel makes it possible for us to interact with Blackpink members, it’s worth to subscribe.

Blackpink Jisoo tangerine photos were likely taken during ‘picking tangerine’ moments from Blackpink House Episode 11:

PS: This post is for promoting Blackpink Vlive CH+ only, we dont leak its contents

Author: Annie Park

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