BLACKPINK Jisoo: Chichi Cam, Copying Ninicam, Revealing My Japan Photos


Blackpink Jisoo posted her Chichi cam photos, following Blackpink Jennie with her Nini cam who posted update earlier. Blackpink Jisoo posted 4 new photos when she and Lisa were busy taking pictures of Blackpink Jennie.

Blackpink Jisoo looks so pretty with many flowers as her background. She wrote a caption,”

chichi cam
copying nini cam ^.^ 🤓
i’m revealing my japan photos!!!! film cameras are difficult..
this was the day me and lisa were busy taking photos for jendeukie
i miss our blinks 😭😭😭😭

if i upload it like this now would it be uploaded??
to be honest, after the v app was updated, i found it difficult to find my way around on this app.. 😭😭


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Credit English translation of Blackpink Jisoo caption: mochi jen

Author: Annie Park

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