Blackpink Jisoo and Rose: “We Almost Kissed During Ceci Photoshoot”

On Blackpink Lisa birthday, March 27, 2018, Blackpink Jisoo and Rose did video live on Vlive regular channel titled “The Original Choo Reporter”. They congratulated Lisa for her birthday, revealed that Lisa hates Fresh Ice cream cake, argued about tree and cherry blossom and they confessed that they were almost kissing during Ceci Magazine photoshoot.

Do you guys still remember how close Blackpink Jisoo and Rose posed during Ceci photoshoot? Here you go!


Jisoo: It looked like we were on the cover of the magazine “Ceci”

Rose: It was so close. They said, “closer, closer” we went like, “we might kiss at this rate”. We have never been that close during 6 or 7 years living together. Shocking

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A video with 12.51 minutes is so funny, Blackpink Jisoo and Rose are so extra .

 Tree VS Cherry Blossom

Blackpink Jisoo and Rose made a comeback for their iconic fight about tree and cherry blossom like they did in spring last year.

Jisoo: It’s the original Choo reporter. My last interviewee is here. She’s right here. (She moved the camera to Blackpink Rose) What? She disappeared. Come here

Congrats Lisa Birthday

Jisoo: Say Happy Birthday to Lisa

Rose: Happy Birthday, Lisa. Though I said that a lot already

How did you like the cake yesterday

Jisoo: I talked about it earlier

Rose: Really?

Jisoo: We always had the same fresh cream cake.

Rose: Right. The same cake as always.

Jisoo: Lisa told us yesterday. “I don’t really like fresh cream cakes”. She used to like it. Don’t you remember?

Rose: Right. “I like this”. She said, “This cake is the best ever”.

Jisoo: After having a chocolate cake yesterday, she said, “I love it! I hate a fresh cream cake”.

Rose: That cake was really good. It was like a traditional Australian mud cake.

Jisoo: Right. Right.

When the video came to an end, Jisoo asked Rose to congratulate Lisa once more. Rose congrats her again and teases her!

Blackpink Jisoo and Rose then talked about Jennie vlive, Chu DJ vlive, Jisoo also asked Rose to be the guest and sing during the next Chu DJ vlive, Jisoo speaks English and many more. To watch the full video in better quality, visit Blackpink Vlive channel

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