BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa Shares Flawless Selfie Photos on Instagram

Blinkeu Nyeongan!

Today, BLACKPINK Official instagram shared new adorable selfie photos of BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa. We, Blinks, usually call them as Lisoo (Lisa and Jisoo). They are well known for cute, funny and crazy pair.

In these photos, they look so cute, soft and flawless. Both Jisoo and Lisa have two sync’d selfie poses. And for the other photo, Lisa gives her lovely winked eye. 😍

Their beauty are mesmerizing! Their skin looks so damn good, soft, pretty and flawless. The type of skin that many women always dream of.


We can see clear pictures of BLACKPINK Lisa’s new hair here. The color is likely brown, darker than previous one.

You can also check the update on BLACKPINK Official instagram, dont forget to give this post a heart blinkeu 💖

When it comes to Lisoo, we already know that their happy chemistry, closeness, craziness, humor, cuteness, and savageness are no jokes. They are really good at those things. We adore this pair, hopefully they will host comedic show together, one day! 🤗

You can see how crazy they are from their vlive videos, TV Show appearances, or from this Lisa TV episode 58.

Previously BLACKPINK Official Instagram released their photos with the same outfit for BLACKPINK House teaser. They were moving to their new BLACKPINK house for filming BLACKPINK TV.

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