Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie Sweet Moments at Guerrilla Fan Meeting

On Dec. 5, 2017, Blackpink House official Instagram announced that Blackpink will be doing Guerrilla Fan meeting at Mapo-gu, Seoul. The detailed location will be announced later.

And finally, Blackpink Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa announced the detailed location of Blackpink Guerrilla fan meeting event the next day through Vlive, along with gave us a tour inside their super cute pinky house for Blackpink TV.

Blackpink vlive Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa Blackpink House

Blackpink Guerrilla Fan Meeting

Venue: Sangam-dong, Water Light Culture Park, Seoul, South Korea

Date: December 6, 2017

Time: 07.00 PM [till around 08.00 PM] KST

Highlights During Blackpink Guerrilla Fan Meeting

  • Blackpink gave 4 lucky blinks to take photo with Blackpink members
  • Blackpink Lisa showed taxi-dancing, Blackpink Rose sang ‘As If It’s Your Last’, Blackpink Jennie showed her aegyo skill and all people asked Blackpink Jisoo to do the same but she refused 😂

Blackpink jisoo gif

  • Blackpink Jisoo’s cute reaction seeing Blackpink Jennie’s aegyo
  • Blackpink gave the gifts they have prepared for the first 100 lucky blinks who come first to the event. And there is sandwich made my Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie inside the gift.
  • As always, Blackpink Jisoo was so extra during the event

Blackpink Jisoo gif

  • The weather seemed very cold during the event, and there is sweet moment when Blackpink Jennie warmed Blackpink Jisoo’s hand with hot pack. Ahhh so sweet! 😍
  • Because the weather is really cold during Guerrilla Fan Meeting, Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie were being clingy to each other. And yeah, their sweetest moments were too hard to resist 😍, aaah my Jensoo hearteu 💖

Blackpink Gave Blinks Gift, Made by Jennie and Jisoo

Blackpink Guerrilla Fan Meeting Photos

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Credit Pics: Smile wA, Preview Jey, BLACKLINE, DaftTaengk, DOUBLE CLASS, Square Blackpink, The Studio (Spinel), Sanctus, 211 percent, Aquarius Rhapsody, Chew in My Area, Delicato, 327 Percent

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