BLACKPINK Jennie Hair Stylist: Jennie! You’re always Pretty with Any Hair Color I’m Proud of It!

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 7, 2018.

Jeongeun, BLACKPINK Jennie hair stylist, posted new photo on her Instagram showing a signed album given by Jennie. She wrote a caption:

제니야 뜻밖의선물 고마워😀
마음이 더 이쁘다! 어떤 컬러를 해줘도
이쁘고 멋있어 줘서 나도 뿌듯해~^^ 오래오래 보자🙌🏻
Thanks for the unexpected present, Jennie! You’re always pretty with any hair colour and I’m proud of it! Let’s be together for a long long time 🙌🏻

English translation of Jennie’s message on the album by @black2dpink824

“Thank you for always transforming my hair to a pretty color. Please take care of my love for khaki in the future too!”

Previously, she posted BLACKPINK Jennie photos from Chanel event in France and described Jennie’s hair color.

She also described Jennie’s hair color from DDU DU DDU DU Music Video:

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