BLACKPINK Jennie for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea January 2018 Issue

BLACKPINK UPDATE – December 20, 2017.

BLACKPINK Jennie stars the new cover for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea for January 2018 Issue. Harper’s BAZAAR Korea posted two photos on their official Instagram on the December 18, 2017, with the caption “BLACKPINK JENNIE takes the two covers for the first ‘Bazaar’ that will be published in 2018”

From the cover photos above, JENNIE displayed her pure yet passionate red lips, while staring at the camera with a black hat on top of her calm hair. In another photo, she emphasized a provocative side of her, with her lips slightly open while her long hair was fluttering.

The magazine stated, “The two different covers, both display her charm using different red-lip looks”. They continued by suggesting, “Please appreciate the two different charms of her – The provocative charm and the modern and pure charm of JENNIE”.

[HQ PHOTOS] Jennie for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea January 2018 Issue

[SCAN] Jennie for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea January 2018 Issue

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[Behind The Scenes] Jennie for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea January 2018 Issue

[INTERVIEW] Jennie for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea January 2018 Issue

In the BAZAAR pictorial, BLACKPINK Jennie was selected as new CHANEL muse for 2018. She modelled Chanel’s 2018 S/S makeup collection better than any other.

During the shoot for the cover and pictorial, everytime she walked from the make-up room, her doll-like features were so lovely that even the staff couldn’t help but exclaim. From a pure and innocent feel, to provocative and sensual expressions, and even a fresh and lovable side, jennie matched her makeup and outfits, all the while transforming herself and displaying a variety of imagery.

About becoming the beauty model of a luxury brand (Chanel), Jennie says, “To be able to have something that I could only imagine before come true within just a year of debuting, it’s great but at the same time I’m bewildered. Looking back on the events til now, there’s a feeling that’s somewhat difficult to put to words. But my heart is fluttering so much and I’m looking forward to everything I will do in the future.”

Jennie, who is turning 22 (Korean age) next year, says that she usually like natural makeup accentuated by lips. “I’m the type of person whose makeup changes according to my mood. Just like my eye makeup today, I like the slightly upward slanting cat’s eye makeup, like a cat. As for lip color, a nude peach shade to convey innocence or al all-red color that’s fierce and clearly put on suits me well I think.”

English Translation by @black2dpink824

How have you been? 

I have been preparing for our comeback and filming for our reality program endlessly.

Filming a reality program must be a first, right? 

It felt like the members and I were going back to our trainee days so it was really fun. I normally enjoy having time to myself so at first, it was a bit uncomfortable with cameras everywhere but I got used to it really quickly.

You must have a quiet personality. 

I like being by myself quietly. I tend to be really shy.

When we were filming, you were shy at first but soon you became more cheerful. Also, you were full of aegyo (cuteness). What do people around say about you? 

I don’t think I’ve had anyone around me talk about my personality. My personality may be what people think about my personality. But rather than being a person that other people have branded me as, I want to be a good individual who thinks for herself.

You became a Chanel beauty model, a brand which girls love, how does it feel? 

It’s only been a year since debut, and the thing that I have only imagined had actually happened is good but it is also a bit staggering. It’s hard to explain in words the feeling I am experiencing but it makes me think about turning time and think about everything that has happened. But I’m very nervous but excited for all the future projects.

Do you love Chanel products? 

I’ve been a huge fan of Chanel’s lip products for a long time. I always carry and apply the product that was released last autumn, ‘Le Rouge Crayon de Couler in shade N2 – Rose Violine’, that’s how much I love it.

Do you still enjoy makeup when you don’t have schedules?

I usually love natural looks so I want to show my skin as clean as possible and use a lip product to give a point look.

I’m curious about Jennie’s first makeup. 

I think that was when I entered YG and we did our first teaser photos. It was long ago that I couldn’t even remember how it went. I just felt nervous but that was the first time in my life I received makeup by someone else.

What makeup look makes you feel the prettiest? 

I’m a person who wears makeup depending on my mood but I think I suit cat eyeliners in eye makeup. For lip color, I like nudes or peach color, or anything light and youthful or just go bold with a red color instead.

Which makeup look did you like the best during our filming session? 

I don’t know if it was because it was a look that I normally like but I really liked the black cat’s eyeliner with the moist orange red lip look! On the eyes, it was a coral pink light – like a water color makeup. I liked it because it was a different look that I haven’t did much of.

Please reveal if you have a tip that is personally ‘Jennie’s’. 

I used to always do two face packs before I sleep but recently, instead of caring for my skin with products, I drink a cup of detox juice once in the mornings and try to drink a lot of water.

There has been people saying (you have an) ‘ant waist’ and we can see it. You aren’t on a diet, surely not, right? 

Instead of dieting, I exercise. I bloat easily so I like de-bloating by exercising. Coincidentally, I started doing flying yoga at the beginning of this year and it’s so fun that I would recommend other people (to do it). I normally have a bad waist but it helps a lot when you do waist stretches.

How do you spend your days when you’re resting? 

I always carry a film camera in my bag. So when I see a moment that I want to remember, I always take a photo of it. I love exercising or looking for clothes or watching movies at home. Recently, I am using Netflix a lot.

You’ve trained for nearly 6 years to debut and as soon as you debuted, you became a top idol. If you look behind these times, it must feel like a dream. 

Honestly, when I look back at my trainee days, I always think the most, ‘How did I really do it?’. If you told me to do it again, I think I would’ve replied, ‘I don’t think I can do it.’ (laughs) However, I have never regretted the times I spent on debuting. Sometimes, I feel personally proud of myself.

Are there times where it’s hard? 

I think I experience fun more than I experience hardships. I don’t want to think about the hardships yet. I don’t think it’s too late to say that I want to continue my artist career.

Then, when are the times you are most happy? 

I think each day is very precious and important. Is that an obvious answer? Like today, you guys have prettily decorated me and we filmed, I’m so happy that the moments that I’ve dreamt of has finally happened.

This is a January edition but this book (issue) will be released before Christmas. How are you planning to spend Christmas? 

I’m attending Gayo Daejun at Christmas. I think it’s good that we can spend a good time with the fans. I’m just happy that finally were spending it outside with the members that I have been in practice rooms for the last 6 years!

How will 2018 be like for Jennie? 

In 2017, I spent good times with the members and showed a music color that’s only BLACKPINK’s. It’s a secret yet on how we will show ourselves in 2018! We are preparing a lot of things.

Finally, what is 22-year-old Jennie’s dream? 

I want to try a range of things. It’s always good to try new things. I don’t know yet on how I can try new things though so I have to be careful in saying that. But since I debuted, I think I can show much more – as much as time it took for us to debut. I want to show it gradually.

English Translation by @jenniekimau | @blackpinkau | Via @YGDreamers

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