[Update] English Translation Jennie Interview Video About Kuma With Vogue Korea


BLACKPINK Jennie and her dog, Kuma, star the new cover of Vogue Korea Magazine for May 2020 Issue.

1). Cover Jennie and Kuma for Vogue Korea

Magazine: @voguekorea May 2020 Cover
Photographer Janghyun Hong
Fashion Editor Eunyoung Sohn
Hair Iljung Lee
Makeup Junsung Lee
Nail Eunkyung Park
Stylist Minhee Park
Set Styling Da;rak

2). Photos Jennie and Kuma for Vogue Korea

3). Jennie Interview Video About Kuma with Vogue Korea

English translation by @jendeukiebabo

Jennie: “Hello, I’m Jennie.”
“I’m Kuma.” (speaking for Kuma)

Q: Please Introduce Kuma To Us!
Jennie: “He’s 4.5 years old. His name is, K U M A, Kuma.”

Q: First impression of Kuma
Jennie: “Kuma’s first impression, he really resembled a raccoon and he also looked like a bear who lost its fur, he used to look very different. I can’t reveal any photos because he’s prettier now. No! You were pretty when you were younger too.”

Q: Describe Kuma in 3 Words!
Jennie: “The three words are… a cutie pie, with lots of love, and loves toys!”

Q: Kuma’s favorite toy!
Jennie: “He likes all kinds of toys that squeak. Give me Beep! Beep! (squeaky toy)

Q: Cutest part of Kuma!
Jennie: “His nose and the white fur that makes it seem like he just drank milk, in between his nose and mouth, this is really cute, and his forehead is cute too.”

Q: Most adorable thing he does?
Jennie: “Oh, lately when I wake up at home, he leans on me to touch him. He’s really cute then.”

Q: Happiest moment with Kuma!
Jennie: “At night before he sleeps, he sometimes comes to check up on me to see if I’m okay and I’m thankful whenever he does that. And he goes back to his bed, after he checks. Right?”

Q. “If you were to go on a trip with Kuma?”
Jennie: “I want to let him run around without a leash in a wide field. I don’t think he can express his freedom. I think he wants to be more free. Right?” “Right” (kuma)

Q: Your wish for Kuma
Jennie: “Even when I’m not there, I hope he can stay at home by himself. When I come out to work, he wants to follow me, and he even tries to ride the elevator with me. Then, I’m a bit sad.”

Q: What Kuma means to you?
Jennie: “He’s a precious child that made me responsible for the first time. He’s the first pet I raised on my own and also my baby. I always video-call him too, when I’m working. He gives me strength and is a very strong support. “Right!” (kuma)

Original source of translation: @jendeukiebabo

4). English Translation Jennie Interview with Vogue Korea

English Translation by @NEWSJENNlE

Q: Any plans to launch your own fashion line?
Jennie: I haven’t thought about it yet but if I start, I want to express myself in a comfortable, natural way. A brand that is easier & more comfortable to wear rather than fancy.

Jennie: I want to keep showing you how I grow as a musician and artist. If I have the chance, I also want to learn photography more professionally. ” 

Jennie: “I want to shoot the sky properly. I feel happy looking at the sky. It’s quite difficult to capture the beautiful sky like how I see it through the eye on the camera.”

Jennie also said that she listens to John Baker. She wants to experience the culture and music of 80’s and 90’s. She also thanked her mom for being her biggest influencer, as her mom visited the shoot that day. She wants to learn a lot from photographer Hong Jangyun.

English Translation from Soompi:

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, Jennie drew out her path of becoming a musician. She shared, “I don’t exactly remember when I first sang and danced in front of people. I enjoyed singing and dancing since I was young. When I look back at photos from that time, there are a lot of pictures of me singing or dancing. My daily life was singing and dancing with friends.”

Jennie has participated in three photo shoots for Vogue, and she has been taking an active part in the fashion industry as a global ambassador for Chanel. Jennie picked the 2019 Fall/Winter Chanel Show as a very memorable experience for her. She explained, “Being able to witness Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection was probably an honor for all the people present.” Jennie also revealed that although she initially thought it was a difficult burden to work with such a big brand, she now enjoys the work. She said, “When creating a new visual with a brand I like, I feel a different type of accomplishment and pride than when working on music.”

Jennie also talked about breaking boundaries as an artist. She explained that it still feels strange and unbelievable that she has worked so closely with the fashion industry despite being a musician. When asked if she has any hopes of launching her own fashion line like Rihanna, who she watched and listened to often as a trainee, Jennie shared, “I haven’t thought of it yet, but I would want to portray a comfortable and natural side of myself if I were to start my own fashion brand. A brand that people can wear easily and comfortably rather than an extravagant one.”

Besides her work in the fashion industry, Jennie also shared that she wants to continue to grow as an artist and learn about photography if the opportunity comes. She described the beautiful sky as the subject she wants to capture on film, elaborating that staring blankly at the sky makes her happy. Jennie also added that she enjoys using film cameras and listening to Chet Baker’s old LPs.

In addition to filming with her adorable dog Kuma, Jennie’s mother also visited the set to support her daughter during the middle of the photo shoot. Jennie explained that her family members are the people who made her who she is today with her mother being one of the biggest influences.

Jennie also touched upon her influence to people all over the world. She stated, “Since my job is to stand in front of the general public, there are many people who are influenced by me. Due to that reason, that much responsibility follows. Since I also nurtured my dreams by looking at artists I admired, I think I could also have an influence on someone’s life.”

Finally, Jennie wrapped up her thoughts by saying it is still difficult to believe how many people have sent love to BLACKPINK, resolving to work even harder for the fans. She shared, “My heart fills up with gratitude whenever fans give an immediate response. We get direct energy when we perform at concerts for tours. Strangely, when fans enthusiastically support me and love BLACKPINK’s music, I forget all about the difficult process of getting there.”

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5). Additional Photos from Jennie Instagram Update

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