BLACKPINK Hair Extension Stylist Shares Impression About The Members

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 30, 2018.

BLACKPINK hair extension stylist, Pretty Salon (, posted BLACKPINK Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa signatures along with amazing impression meeting and working with BLACKPINK.

The salon owner, Kim Bomi, pretty_bomi, also shared BLACKPINK photo for OLENS commercial and said she did their hair for the OLENS commercial. She also did Lisa’s extensions for the SQUARE UP promotion photos. See the photos below!


BLACKPINK’s hair extension stylist! After being recommended by Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé soon followed. According to the picture above, she was the one who did their hair for the OLENS commercial. She also did Lisa’s extensions for the SQUARE UP promotion photos.

Lisa Signature

리사 첨 만난지 어느새 1년이 넘었다니💕
함께한 세월속에 길러가는 머리😆
까르르 항상 해맑구 솔찍, 귀여운 모습이 너무너무 좋당🙂🙂💗
앞으로도, 오래오래 ,, 💕

It’s been already more than 1 year since I first met Lisa wow!💕
Your hair grows longer as our time together goes on😆
You’re always bright and honest, I love how cute you are 🙂🙂💗
Let’s be together in the future for a long time 💕

Jisoo Signature

프리티살롱에서 긴머리로 변신한 블랙핑크 지수🖤💖
여자가 봐도 너무 예쁘구 귀엽고, 심지어 친절한 지수찡☺️
블랙핑크 다들 너무좋아!!!! ✨
만날수록 더 반하게 되는 그녀들!
자주자주 봐요오 🙏🏻💕

At Pretty Salon, BLACKPINK Jisoo transforms into long hair🖤💖
Even if a girl looks at her she’s still so pretty and and cute, and Jisoo who is even kind☺️
I love BLACKPINK so much!!!! ✨
Every time I see them the girls takes my heart! Let’s see each other often 🙏🏻💕

Rosé Signature

🙈🙈 리사, 지수에 이어
강력추천 받고 방문한 로제😆💕
히힝 이렇게 입소문 내주면 제가 넘넘 행복하쟈나요🙈🙈♥️
실물이 더 예쁘고 귀여웠던 로제 🙂
어쩜 멤버들이 다 예쁘구 날씬하구 성격까지 밝은지,,!!👍🏻
다 가진 그녀들ㅎㅎ😍
앞으로도 블랙핑크의 #긴머리 는 프리티살롱이 책임질께요!!🤟🏻💕
찾아줘서 고마워요☺️

🙈🙈 Continuing on from Lisa and Jisoo, Rosé was strongly recommended from them so she visits 😆💕
Ah if you tell them like this, it makes me so, so happy 🙈🙈♥️
Rosé who was more prettier and cuter in person🙂
How are all the members so pretty, skinny and even their personalities are bright,,!!👍🏻
The girls who have everythingㅎㅎ😍
In future, Pretty Salon will take responsibility in BLACKPINK’s long hair!!🤟🏻💕
Thank you for finding us☺️

English translation by @blackpinkau

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