BLACKPINK For VOGUE KOREA Magazine July 2019 Issue

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 19, 2019.

Editor-in-Chief @voguekorea, Kwangho Shin, shared VOGUE KOREA Magazine Thumbnail for July 2019 Issue, featuring BLACKPINK. Watch the video below!

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[SCAN] BLACKPINK For VOGUE KOREA Magazine July 2019 Issue

Scan by

Some sneak peek photos from the magazine:

Pics by @blingBLiNK__; @rlaqksekfrha2

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 7, 2019.

BLACKPINK will be featured in VOGUE Korea Magazine July 2019 Issue. VOGUE Korea Instagram released photoshoot video of BLACKPINK today, April 7, 2019.

BLACKPINK did a special shoot with Vogue Korea a few days back and they revealed the filming of it through this video. It will be revealed fully in the July issue of Vogue Korea, that will showcase their girly and lovely charms

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