[UPDATE] BLACKPINK To Release Pre-release Song on June 12


1. [NEW] BLACKPINK will Release Pre-release song on June 12

Sports Today Korea reported that BLACKPINK will release pre-release song on June 12, 2020. “In addition, BLACKPINK, who are set to release their first full-length album in September, plans to launch their large-scale project with the release of their pre-release song on the 12th.” This news is not yet confirmed by YG Entertainment, so let’s just wait.

2. How Many Songs Does BLACKPINK New Album Have?

BLACKPINK first full album in 2020 has more than 10 tracks in total and will be released in September 2020

3. BLACKPINK Comeback Release Date

BLACKPINK x Lady Gaga “Sour Candy”May 29, 2020
BLACKPINK Pre-release TitleJune 12, 2020*
BLACKPINK Second Single July – August 2020
BLACKPINK First Full Album (>10 Tracks)September 2020

4. BLACKPINK First Full Album, September Release

YG Entertainment just released another statement related to BLACKPINK comeback and full album in 2020. They posted the news on YG Life official website:

Regarding BLACKPINK’s First Official Album

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank our fans for always supporting and showing love.

We would like to inform you on BLACKPINK’s plans this year.

After long hours of work, we’ve completed recording over 10 tracks of BLACKPINK’s new songs, which compose BLACKPINK’s first official album.

BLACKPINK’s first beginning in 2020 will be releasing the pre-release title in June.

The group is currently almost done on preparing for visual shooting and choreography practice.

The second plan is to release the second single on a special format in either July or August.

Please understand that we can’t speak of details at this moment.

We are planning to release BLACKPINK’s first official album in September.

As we’ve prepared for this album for a long time, we will release contents in 3 different terms so that the group will get opportunities to visit the fans  with more contents and performances.

Please look forward to Lady Gaga’s upcoming “Sour Candy” to be released on May 29, which BLACKPINK participated on. YG Entertainment will run global projects with Universal Music, the biggest music label on the planet, for BLACKPINK’s leap into the global market.

Please show love and support towards BLACKPINK and the members, sincerely working hard for their upcoming comeback.

Thank you.

5. Previously, BLACKPINK was announce to have comeback in June 2020 + Filming in May

According to Naver news, YG Entertainment confirmed BLACKPINK will have comeback in June 2020. They have finished recording new songs and currently scheduling for filming the MV in May. The comeback is expected to be in early or mid-June.

Another News report also said that BLACKPINK worked with both leading domestic and international producers and have completed their new album. They are determined to show an especially strong performance that hasn’t been shown before.

What do you expect the most for BLACKPINK upcoming comeback? Give your vote here! [POLL] What Do You Expect The Most for BLACKPINK June Comeback?

6. Rumor BLACKPINK Full Album on June 13

There was rumor going around on May 13, 2020 when fans spotted a seller from Shopee Taiwan released the product page of BLACKPINK upcoming album. The description stated that BLACKPINK will release comeback music video on June 12 and will release a Full Album on June 13.

After the rumor was spreading around, the seller changed the date to “expected in Mid June” but didnt remove the “full album” . YG Entertainment already released news that BLACKPINK first full album will be released in September 2020

7. BLACKPINK Comeback Spoiler

BLACKPINK Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé did Instagram Live on May 9, 2020 KST. They were in the studio for a meeting of BLACKPINK upcoming comeback music video. Jennie explained how she got injured and told everyone not to worry. Jisoo also gave BLACKPINK comeback spoilers. Read more: English Translation Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé Instagram Live on May 9, 2020

8. Does BLACKPINK Comeback News Affect YG Ent. Stock?

Lets take a look at YG Entertainment stock today! BLACKPINK June comeback news was released around 10AM KST. At that time, YG Stock price was around 28,800 KRW. After comeback news release, the stock price soared to 30.300 KRW at 11.12 AM. The price decreased again to 29.900 at 11:46 KST.

9. BLACKPINK Collaboration Song with Lady Gaga

UPDATE: Lady Gaga revealed the release date of her new album Chromatica that features a song with BLACKPINK “Sour Candy” The album will be released on May 29. Read more: Sour Candy, BLACKPINK x LADY GAGA Collaboration Song

10. Previous Comeback News

BLACKPINK will make comeback in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Previously, YG Ent. stated that BLACKPINK Comeback will be in the first half of 2020 which was expected around March.

YG Ent. postponed BLACKPINK comeback due to Coronavirus outbreak. Entertainment companies are worried about the business performance in terms of their music acts’ activities due to the Coronavirus.

South Korea has raised its Coronavirus alert to the “highest level” as confirmed case numbers keep rising. Currently, per February 26, there are 1,261 coronavirus cases in South Korea.

For your information, second quarter of 2020 is around April – June.

Q1 2020 — January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020
Q2 2020 — April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020
Q3 2020 — July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020
Q4 2020 — October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Meanwhile, first half of 2020 is from January – June.


BLACKPINK is preparing to make comeback in the first half of 2020. They are currently in the final stages of recording their new songs. At the same time, BLACKPINK is secretly preparing a massive global project.

YG Entertainment says they will repay BLACKPINK fans for their a long wait with good music and news. When being asked about the project? YG Entertainment commented, “It is difficult to confirm at this point.”

The agency added, “They will repay with good music and positive news as fans have waited for a long time. We would be thankful if [fans] wait for official announcements made in the future. Looking forward to BLACKPINK even more in 2020 because of the collaborative/joint ventures between YG and Universal Music…”

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