BIGBANG Seungri Title Track ‘1,2,3’ was Supposed To Be BLACKPINK Song

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 20, 2018.

BIGBANG Seungri Title Track ‘1, 2, 3’ for his solo comeback was supposed to be BLACKPINK song, even BLACKPINK Rosé already recorded it in advance.

During The Great Seungri Countdown Live on Vlive App, BIGBANG Seungri told that, “It was actually BLACKPINK song. Rosé already recorded it in advance. But people said it would sound better if a guy sang it, so I tried. and it ended up being born as my song. It become the title song.”

This is surprising and interesting! The song will be released today, July 20, 2018 at 6 p.m. KST. Lets wait to watch it BLINKs! We even more curious with Rosé version, how she slays this song 😱

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