Best Friend Goals, Blackpink Jisoo-Lisa Adorable Moments [Part 1]

Blinkeu nyeongan!

According to Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School) on its article, “The Health Benefits of Strong Relationships” good connections can improve health and increase longevity. In addition, dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.

We want Blinks around the world stay happier by maintaining good and deep meaningful relationship with our best friends. Therefore, we will start to collect adorable friendship moments among Blackpink members to inspire you strengthening your ties with your best friends. The friendship among Blackpink members is no joke, they are awesome and they inspire us a lot how we should treat our best friends.

Here we will share adorable moments between Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa. For all of you guys who are Lisoo (Lisa + Jisoo) shippers, we bet you know so well every sweet moment from them. Below are some adorable moments from this comedy duo. This is the first part, we will write another part in another post, stay tuned!

1) When Blackpink Jisoo gets lost, Blackpink Lisa always be there to came and save her 😍

“When it hurts to look back and it scared to look ahead. You can always look beside you and your best friend will be there.” This quote fits pretty well to Blackpink Jisoo whenever she gets lost, feels overwhelmed and doesnt know what to do, she will call Blackpink Lisa and she will always be there to come and save her.

On 츄리타임♥ Vlive, Blackpink Jisoo told a story when she got lost and Blackpink Lisa came to save her:

Blackpink Jisoo said, “When I got lost, You came to find me.”

Blackpink Lisa, “Oh yeah, she was really ckckck…”

Blackpink Jisoo, “A foreigner gave me direction. I wasnt sure how to get to Myeongdong. So Lisa always came for me by subway.”

Blackpink Lisa, “Didnt you get on the wrong train? So it took you an hour.”

Blackpink Jisoo explained, “It was Euljiro Station, Euljiro 1,2,3,4. There are many Euljiro stations. I should got off at Euljiro, but I got off at another. I ran to get on and repeated that, (but then she called Lisa) “Lisa I dont know where I am.”

And as expected, Lisa come to find and save her. When you have close friends who always be there whenever you need them, please keep them. They are your priceless treasure 😍

Blackpink Jisoo Lisa Vlive

2) When Blackpink Lisa praised Blackpink Jisoo for helping her learning to speak Korean and communicating with others during her tough time

We know that Blackpink Jisoo loves to talk to anyone. Even she is so friendly talking to Blinks whenever she meets them (like during her car photos leaving Inkigayo). Besides, she is the most active member who posts update regularly on CH+ and reply so many Blinks’ comments too.

On 츄리타임♥ Vlive, Blackpink Lisa shared her happiness having friend like Blackpink Jisoo who helps her during her tough time when she cant speak any Korean. She thanks Blackpink Jisoo, because of her talk activeness, Blackpink Lisa can learn and improve her Korean skill faster.

Blackpink Jisoo, “Lisa’s Korean got so much better. But even at first it was hard to talk to her.”

Blackpink Lisa, “Before she (Jisoo) came, I couldnt say anything in Korean. But after she came my Korean got so much better.”

Blackpink Jisoo Lisa Vlive

Blackpink Jisoo,”Since I am talk active”

Blackpink Lisa, “She kept saying stuff in my stead. What I wanted to say. Everything”

Blackpink Jisoo, “(Mimicking Lisa when she cant speak Korean but want to say something to others) ‘She wants to do this and this’ then she (Lisa) said ‘yeah’.

Blackpink Lisa, “You were great.” then Lisa gave Jisoo side hug. 🤗

Blackpink Jisoo Lisa Vlive

If you have such friends who understand you well and help you thrive and encourage to improve your skill, please stay connected, one day you will really miss them.

3) When Blackpink Jisoo came to the apartment a day earlier to accompany Lisa who was alone during the holidays 😍 💖

On 초코와 츄리 Ch+ Video Live [Blinks go subscribe Blackpink CH+ Channel to watch the full video], Blackpink Jisoo told a story when Lisa bought ukulele, “Because Lisa came from abroad. She was in the apartment alone during the holidays. So our CEO gave Lisa some allowance. Since she is alone, he wanted her to eat something good, buy pretty things, and have a good time. But as soon as Lisa got it, on the day she got her allowance. She spent all her money on this, ukulele. After she bought this. She played this in the apartment over the holidays. And I came a day earlier because Lisa was alone.  I came and Lisa played this all day.”

Blackpink Jisoo Lisa Vlive

Even though Blackpink Jisoo is the eldest member, she usually becomes the fake maknae because of her playful and lively nature 😂 But, She knows when she needs to use her big-hearted side as unnie for the real maknae (youngest member) Lisa.

It is so heartwarming, having best friends who will accompany you whenever you are alone, even when you dont ask them to do so 😭

Blackpink gif

Blinks please stay connected with your best friends, they are your backbone who are always there when you need support! 🤗

Stay tuned for the next part! 😉


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