BamBam GOT7: Lisa, We Have Thais Group Chat and Meet Each Other Often


BamBam GOT7 mentioned his lifelong friend, Blackpink Lisa and talked how they maintain their friendship with other Thais Idols living in South Korea.

In his recent interview with DONT Magazine Thailand May 2018 Issue, BamBam mentioned that, “Actually we have a “Thais Living in South Korea” group chat. We know each others and we also live nearby. We meet up often. Blackpink Lisa, I run into her at the events almost every time”.

Here is the full translation of BamBam’s interview mentioning Blackpink Lisa. English translation by @LISANATIONS_



In June 2017 via FnStar news, Blackpink Lisa mentioned that “I’m close with BamBam (GOT7), Sorn (CLC), and Nichkhun (2PM), as we are all promoting in Korea.”

We know that Blackpink Lisa and BamBam GOT7 have been friends since childhood. They were at the same Thai dance group named We Zaa Cool. It is good to know that they still maintain their friendship along with other Thai idols living in Korea.

Source: DONT Magazine Thailand, English Translation by @LISANATIONS_

Author: Annie Park

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