Andrew Oh Shared Pics of BLACKPINK Performance at Paradise City Last Year

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 13, 2018.

Andrew Oh, Chief of Future Strategic Planning at Paradise City who is also managing entertainment division in the company, posted some new pictures of Blackpink Performance at Paradise City opening event last year, April 20, 2017.

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He also wrote encouraging caption for Blinks who are waiting for Blackpink comeback:

It is coming VERY SOON and all will be revealed with the Bomb Bomb💥💥
(Sorry…not you Kim Jongeun😅)
Until the actual launching date of the Black Pink’s new album release date…I hope this series of photos of the queens walkin’ forward closer to you will ease your pain of long anticipation…but don’t forget, longer the wait, the reward gets that much sweeter…so please hold on Blinks🙏❣️🙏
God bless the longest waits for something good….including the long wait for Peace in Korea(65+years😱)☀️

This is not the first time he posted Blackpink performance photos at Paradise City. Click here to see all the pictures he has posted from Blackpink Performance at Paradise City Opening Event: Blackpink Performs at Paradise City Opening Event 2017, See The Photos!

Source: Andrew Oh Instagram account eskimo7474, Andrew Oh Linkedin Account

Author: Annie Park

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