Blackpink Jennie: “Blinks, See You Soon at TGC Tomorrow”

March 30, 2018, Blackpink Jennie shared 10 new photos on Blackpink Official Instagram.

She then wrote a caption:

hello world 💙
일본에 있으니까 일본 자켓 촬영때 찍은 사진들 올려봤어요 흑백이라 몰랐겠지만 사실 이쁜 파란 자켓이였답니다. ALWAYS ALWAYS missing my blinks . see you soon at TGC tomorrow 💙

hello world 💙 Since I’m in Japan, I uploaded pics from our jacket shoot. I didn’t know it was B/W, but it was actually a pretty blue jacket. ALWAYS ALWAYS missing my blinks . see you soon at TGC tomorrow 💙”

~ (Cr. English trans by )

See you soon too Jendeukaaa… 💕

Tomorrow, March 31, 2018 Blackpink will perform at Tokyo Girls Collection 2018: Blackpink Will Be Attending Tokyo Girls Collection on March 2018

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Author: Annie Park

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