2 Years Anniversary, BLACKPINK Members Shared Sweet Letters on VLIVE

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 8, 2018.

BLACKPINK shared 2 years anniversary letters and behind the scenes photos on BLACKPINK VLIVE CH+. Read Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa letters with English translation below!


I can’t believe that we’ve turned 2…
Time really passed by very quickly when we are with BLINKs
BLINKs have no idea how much energy you guys gave us when we talk to you guys and hear your cheers whenever we are having a hard time or are tired~
I want to be someone who gives BLINKs emotions(?)
I would be great if we could celebrate more upcoming anniversaries in the future. We can all do that right??
Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary BLINK!
Let’s all stay by each other’s side and protect each other! Hehe
I love you. As always, really a lot, and I mean it.


Right from the very beginning
Coming to see us be it in a hot weather or cold weather
Always welcoming us with a big smile on your face
Searching for our songs whenever you guys are happy or sad
Waiting for us for such a long time, we were always sorry and yet thankful
2nd anniversary has arrived after our 1st anniversary
Creating and piling up bits of memories together, so that we could talk about the memories in the far future
We will become BLACKPINK with a cooler/stronger image that BLINKs can be proud of
Let’s see each other soon
I love you BLINKs


2 years
BLACKPINK <3 BLINK *screams* Everyone. BLINK~ Our BLINK! Kyakkk! It is finally our 2nd anniversary!! T.T the time passes by so fast~ Thank you BLINKs for always staying by our side We were always surprised by the love and support that you guys gave us How could you guys love us this much~? I will repay the same amount of love as much as I have received from you guys You guys know that we always love you guys right? Let’s be much closer in the future, and let’s create more memorable memories in the future I love you BLINKs!


Thank you for being with us throughout the past 2 years~
We were really happy that we got to meet you guys more often during this promotion!
Thank you all for always giving us strength and cheering on us
I have so much more to tell BLINKs
But it seems like I’m not expressing my words enough whenever I am writing letters like this!
Please continue to cheer on us like this in the future!!
I will work hard so as to repay the love and support as well!!
I love you~
BLINK jjang!!

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BLACKPINK Behind The Scenes Photos Showed in 2nd Anniversary VLIVE Video

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